Tuyển Director of Human Resources - Code: HRD-OA

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Nhu cầu: Tuyển dụng
Chức danh/Vị trí: Giám đốc
Số lượng tuyển: 1
Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội
Mô tả công việc:

Director of Human Resources - Code: HRD-OA

* Salary: Competitive & Negotiable.

* Working place:  Hanoi.

* Job Description:

As part of the Senior Management Team, contributes to the achievement of the organization’s mandate by providing advice and guidance on all issues affecting human resources management to the Executive Team and other managers.

  • Maintain currency in national/regional HR trends, legislative and compliance requirements, and industry best practices. Assist senior managers with HR planning through constant review of CBU workforce demographics and labour market analysis.
  • Identify human resource focused strategies that support the organization’s objectives and assist managers with their role in implementing change.
  • Develop and update policies and promote programs that align with organizational objectives.
  • Participate in budget process, identifying risks and collective agreement obligations.

Promote an environment that fosters effective working relationships with unionized and non-unionized workforce working within the political, social, and cultural context of the academic environment.

  • Identify and interpret relevant legislation and regulations, collective agreement language and internal policies.
  • Conduct investigation and lead appropriate response to formal or informal complaints related to HR practices or grievances.
  • Seek legal advice as appropriate and provide support to legal counsel once engaged to represent CBU’s interests.
  • Identify trends in bargaining within the academic environment as well as within certain union groups.

Oversee processes related to employee recruitment, retention, and satisfaction.

  • Oversee programs designed to engage and motivate employees helping them to find satisfaction through meaningful work.
  • Provide opportunities for professional training and development.
  • Promote healthy workplace activities, employee recognition, and supporting programs designed to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Conduct periodic employee engagement surveys and develop action plans based on the results.
  • Work with Marketing & Communications Department to develop internal communication mechanisms to ensure opportunities for information sharing with employees.
  • Provide direct support for recruitment of senior management positions (including support to the Board of Governors on recruitment of the President). Liaise with executive search firm if service is used.

Oversee salary, benefit and pension administration ensuring a competitive total compensation package for CBU employees.

  • Gather, review, and analyze various industry information related to compensation.
  • Maintain job evaluation systems as adopted, from time to time, by the employer.
  • Ensure consistent approach to rate assignment and advise on compensation package options for difficult-to-fill positions.

Lead the Department in achieving established goals and promote working together as a team.

  • Provide advice and support, coaching Department members as they face challenging situations.
  • Ensure Payroll Services are provided in a timely manner and in keeping with all legislative requirements.

Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

  • Ensure compliance with OH&S Act and Regulations, working directly with Safety Officer and managers as issues arise.
  • Liaise with OH&S Committee and Department of Labour as needed.

* Job requirements:

  • Appropriate degree, preferably with an HR or Business focus.
  • Ten (10) years’ experience in increasingly responsible positions in Human Resources field in a unionized environment. Experience in collective agreement administration and in negotiation of collective agreements. Experience working in a university is an asset.
  • Demonstrated understanding of legislation, regulations, and jurisprudence relevant to HR functions.
  • Must be knowledgeable of investigative techniques, i.e. appropriate method of dealing with complaints, accusations, and grievances.
  • Training in mediation and negotiations as well as employee benefits and pension administration is an asset.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

* Benefits:

  • Package: Competitive & Negotiable
  • To enjoy full social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance as prescribed
  • Working in a professional environment, supported by the ability to develop, maximize work.

* Submit:

  • Interested candidates should send CV to [email protected] with the subject: Name - Year of birth - Position of application (Nguyen Quang Khai - 1979 – HRD-OA).
  • Contact: 024-71096868 
  • Early application/CVs will be in early process of recruitment.
  • Detail: http://gpo.com.vn/vi/director-of-human-resources-code-hrd-oa/

Trình độ: Đại học
Kinh nghiệm: Trên 5 năm
Giới tính: Nam/Nữ
Hình thức làm việc: Chính thức
Thời gian thử việc: 02 tháng Mức lương: Thỏa thuận
Địa chỉ: Hà Nội
Hình thức liên hệ: Email
Người/Cty liên hệ: gpo
Điện thoại liên hệ: 02471096868
Nick yahoo liên hệ:
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